How to change xampp apache server port

How to change XAMPP apache server port 1

Many times we come across a problem that when we try to start apache server from xampp control panel, we get an error that “Apache will not start without the configured ports free”. This error usually comes because some other program is using the same port. In this blog how to change XAMPP apache server port, we are writing step by step procedure  to fix this issue.

1.     Open XAMPP control panel

apache port setting 1

2.    Click on apache config http.config

apache port setting 2

3.     Find 80 in whole file and replace it with 8888 and save

 apache port setting 3

4.       Now Change the ssl port. For it open http-ssl-conf

apache port setting 4

5.       Find 443 in whole file and replace it with 4444 and save

apache port setting 5

6.       Now run XAMPP Apache port successfully changed

apache port setting 6


apache port setting 7

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