How to change forgot password of Oracle user


In this blog we'll learn how to reset your password in Oracle XE whether

·         you still have access to your account

·         you've forgotten the password

·         the password is expired

So what's the issue? here you're trying to log on to Oracle XE or Express Edition and you've forgotten your password. I've done this many times usually because I've gone some time since last using Oracle or the password has expired, the expiry for a password in Oracle XE is180 days about six months, so if you don't reset it in this period it will expire, so how can you reset it?

I'll guide you, how to reset your password as well as reset it from another account, if it has expired in this blog. Let's have a look at how to reset your password

Here we will try to find out the solution of the problem, how to change forgot password of Oracle database user by following simple steps:

1.  Login windows with administrative account

2.  Go to Start –> Programs –> Oracle

3.   Now click on “Start Database”

4.   After started,  click “Run Sql Command Line”

5.   Now on Sql command line please write following      

How to change forgot password of Oracle user

SQL> connect as sysdba       Username:  system       Password:   manager    

 Note:  Please note that system user is created by oracle with password manager at the time of installation

6.   Now you can change any database user password using following command       SQL> Alter user user_name identified by new_password

Note:   Kindly replace user_name with the user whose password you want to change and change new_password  with your new password for that user.

7. Done

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