How to Create a Website using Elementor Pro

How to Create a Website using Elementor Pro

Elementor exploded into the famous WordPress page builder. Plus, you’re not the only one who can create amazing web pages. You can use Elementor to create a complete website. Elementor Pro version comes with a theme builder, which allows you to create custom WordPress theme themes. In this post from title, footer, single post template, 404 page, archive page, search result page etc., we will show you how to create a complete website using Elementor Pro.

A brief intro about Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin. Page Builder allows you to create a beautiful web page without having to deal with HTML or CSS. Page Builder – including Elementor – comes with a visual editor where everything can be dragged.

Introduced as Elemenor Plugin. The Pro version (costs 49 per year), comes with the following key features.

  • Theme Builder
  • Gangster
  • Form Builder
  • Wide extra widgets

We’ve created a comparative article between Elementor Pro vs. Elementor free, so you can learn more about the benefits of Elementor Pro.


In this example, we will show you how to create a digital agency website. The website has 5 large pages; Homepage, Related page, Contact page, Customer page and Services page

We also create 404 page, header, footer, single post template and pop-up. Also provides an Elementor Template Kit. An image kit is a set of Elementor templates with a consistent design concept. The sample kit is designed for specific location websites. We will use the Digital Agency Template Template Kit in this example.

You definitely need a domain and hosting before you start building a website with an Elementor. Here you need to prepare to create a website with Elementor.


A domain is an address where people can access your website (such as your website dot com), where your website is properly hosted (web hosting). A .com domain typically costs between $ 8 and ડ 13 per year. Through hosting, you can use a program tailored to your needs.

While you can purchase domains and web hosting from different providers, we recommend that you purchase from the same provider as this will reduce some of the technical features. If you purchase domains and hosting from different providers, you will need to install the name service manually.

Where to buy domain hosting?

Since we are using this website (WP Page Builders), we can only recommend Site Ground.

Elementor Pro

You must use the Pro version Elementor to create custom settings, custom footer and other Elementor mentioned above. There are three programs submitted by Elementor for the Pro version. If you want to create a website for your business, you can choose an individual plan that costs $ 49 per year.

Download Elementor Pro

Getting started

When everything is ready, you can start building your website. You need to install the blog first because this is an important part of the website we are going to create. Site Ground comes with a built-in WordPress installer and a control panel.

Install WordPress

To install Blu-ray on Site Ground, first, log in to Site Ground with your account and click on the Website menu.

Select the domain on which you want to install the blog (if you have multiple domains) and click the Site Tools button.

Click WWDPress in the left panel and select Install and Manage. You can just install WordPress or choose with WooCommerce. Select your option, and then the program setting form will appear.

In the application setup form, set your preferred language, input method, username, email address, and password. Click the Install button to begin the installation process.

elementor install

Here are some parameters you need to know:

Installation Method: The source directory for your blog installation. You can leave your website by default to make it available directly under your domain name (e.g. Or, if you want to access your website with an additional folder (, you can select the folder of your choice.

Language: The language of your blog dashboard.

Install with WordPress Starter: SiteGround has some suggested plugins (Elementor and SGTim Optimizer) that you can install on your new blog site. If you do not want to install the plugin first, do not select this option. You can install plugins when WordPress is installed.

Username: The username you use to login to the WordPress dashboard.

Email: This email address will be used as the administrative email (account verification, password reset, etc.) for your blog account.

Password: The password you use to sign in to your blog dashboard.

Wait a moment until the installation process is complete. You can choose whether you want to sign in to your blog dashboard or visit your site.

Install Elementor Pro

You can find Elementor Pro on its official website. Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to access the Elementor Pro zip file. To install Elementor Pro on your website, log in to your blog dashboard using your username and password. Go to Plugins -> Add New. Click the New Install button above, select the Elementor Pro zip file you downloaded, and click the Install Now button to install it on your blog.

Please enable the plugin as soon as it is installed.

After opening the Elementor Pro plugin, you will be taken back to the WordPress Plugin Manager and at the top you will see the Connect and Activate button. Click this button to run your Elementor Pro.

Note: Elementor Free is required for Elementor Pro. You can download Elementor Free from the official WordPress plugin directory.

Set up the core static pages of your website

Once your Elementor Pro is turned on, you can start creating static pages on your website. In our case, the static pages we created are: homepage, about page, contact page, customer page and services page.

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