BrowseDomains Tool Review

So you’re thinking about starting a business. The most common question people have after that is, “How do I choose the name of my business?”

Is a Business Name Important?

Choosing a name for a business is as important as choosing the core values upon which your company is founded. The choice can make or break your company and the reputation you’re trying to build, depending on just how clever you are with marketing. Businesses often come with brand names or brand logos that are chosen by the founder. When choosing a name, it’s necessary that you consider many factors, not the least of which is the personality of the business owner and the issue at hand.

If you are running a business, choosing a name can be an important decision. You’ll want to stick with something that people recognize and which conveys the right message without being too long or hard to type.

It’s also tough because all the good .com domains are taken!

Not getting Good Name?

What if I told you there was a solution to this conundrum? A way to find your domain name more quickly and affordably than the current options? You need to have a memorable domain name that ends in .com

That’s where comes in. Use BrowseDomains to create domain name suggestions. is the easiest way to create a list of domain name suggestions. Just enter a word in the box on the left and some endings in the box on the right (e.g., “cat” and “s”). Click to combine them. The tool will then check to see if the .com is available, and if it is, you can buy it in one click.

BrowseDomains is an easy way to find domain names using word combinations.

With BrowseDomains, you can type in any word or phrase and instantly come up with domain name suggestions. It’ll also match against a repository of over 10 million domains that people have already registered. If you see a name you like, click it and check to see if it’s available for registration! If so, click the Buy Now button to register the domain! Or, just add it to your Scratchboard to save for later.

Is BrowseDomains a free Tool?

BrowseDomains is a free, easy-to-use domain name suggestion tool. It’s a place to find both general and keyword domain name ideas, either from scratch or with some help from our suggestions. Anyone can discover good names that have never been taken—and save them to a register for future use! helps you make domain name suggestions and find possible alternatives to current website names and other brandable business names. It works by combining two words or three words at a time into new combinations.

Now you can easily find available domains that you’d never think of in a normal brainstorming session – things like or Domains that will instantly make your company more memorable and trustworthy.

All of that is available for free with the tool at

Hop in and test the tool out, it’s also fun just to play with!

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